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Review- Titanium Backup

This is a detailed review of Titanium Backup. Play Store Link

This is a must have app for all the Android users who have rooted their device. And especially for those who love and like to change form one ROM to another occasionally.

Lets talk about what this app does.
As the name says its an app to backup your apps. Now you may ask what's so special about this backup app when there are thousands in play store.Its extra ordinary features sets it apart.
This just doesn't backup yours apps and then save it as an apk file in your sdcard but also it backs up the data associated with the app. And not only user apps, it can also backup system apps.
It can sync with your Dropbox, Google Drive or Box Account ( Available in the Pro Version).

Not lets Explore different options.
Start with Market(Play Store) Tools-
i)It can be used to manage which apps should auto update and which shouldn't.
ii)Market Doctor- This scans all your apps and restore missing app links with the play store.
iii)You can also destroy the market links of the apps. So, they won't show in downloaded apps in play store.

Moving Forward.
It can also Auto-sync Titanium Backup Settings to your SD card, because you can't backup titanium backup using titanium backup ;)
Moreover it offers encryption too for all your data.
Also you can have more than one backup for the same app!
And it also shows the how many space is each app exactly acquiring, App, Data and Cache Separately.
About Dalvik Cache, it offers to clean it up or integrate sys Dalvik into ROM and also Undo it.
And you can send an apps data to another Titanium user and of course you can import it too.
You can Backup and Restore data to and from XML. XML Backup/Restore is available for SMS/MMS, WI-FI Networks, browser/bookmarks and call log. And irrespective of the ROM this data backed up from, it can be restored into any other ROM of your choice. Also, XML is a standard format, so your data is not hidden, it remains yours.
If you have an nandroid backup which you made using CWM or any other service, Titanium Backup can extract data from it.
Also Titanium Backup offers widgets for Actions and Data Profiles.
You can also have auto backups and schedule them according to your use. Added to that is the ability to create custom list of apps (Custom labels) which can be saved and then used to perform batch jobs or specific schedules on them.

Now the main thing it does Backup and Restore. Lets see how easy it is.
It offer 'BATCH' backup/restore. All you have to do it go to batch operations and click backup all your apps and its done, backup all system data and its done. Now if you have an app, suppose whatsapp, you have new chats all the time so the data changes and you already have one backup of the app, titanium backup offers backup for the modified data of different apps. You can either do a batch backup or you could go to whatsapp and click backup. Also, if you made a backup some time ago and now you have new apps installed it has an option to show all the new apps and versions and take backup of that.

And same with Restore. Click Restore all Missing apps with Data and its done.
Here, if you have the pro key to the, also available in the play store, it enables HyperShell. What it does is, when you're restoring apps and HyperShell is enabled you can just sit back and titanium backup will do all the restore but if its not enabled then you will have to click install and done for each app, which is quite handy. Thank God for HyperShell.

Titanium Backup doesn't get over at just backing up and restoring data, it offers much more, I believe you have realized that by now.

Next feature is Move/Integrate, this feature can move user apps to sd card or internal memory and also integrate updates of system apps into ROM.

Next comes is Freeze/Defrost. What this does is, suppose you have an app which you don't want to un-install but disable and remove form your launcher for sometime, Freezing it will do the exact thing. It can also be used disable bloatware without altering the ROM.

Time for Manipulate Data - It can clear cache for user and system apps and wipe data for both.

It can also Un-install backed up user apps or non-backed up user apps or all apps in one go.
Let me tell you Titanium Backup offers Batch features for almost all its options, one of the great features in it.

And in the end it can also delete all your old backups.

Lets get to the review part. As you have read Titanium Backup offers features covering more than five apps. Like you don't need an extra app to clear cache or an extra app to move apps to external sd card  or Backup and Restore your SMS, Call Log and Also delete system apps.
And the developer- Titanium Track offers the app in many languages, 29 to be precise. Check out the play store link mentioned in the beginning of the post for more.
So, its a great App. The big question is "Is the Pro Version worth the price?"
For $5.99 and all these features, I say its Worth it.
Play store has an app rating of 5/5 for this app and I say it has earned it.
That finishes the review for this highly useful app, Titanium Backup.
I hope you like it. This was my First review. I will be back with More.
Thanks :)

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