Friday, 16 August 2013

Review- SeriesGuide

Next on the list is SeriesGuide by UWE TrottMann. Play Store Link

First and foremost this app is only available for Android! One more reason for you to download it. After being nagged by every iOS user on how they have so many apps that Android doesn’t, you can show what an amazing app they’re missing on.

If you are a person who likes to watch a lot of sitcoms and TV Shows, here is a more than perfect and much needed app for you. Anyone like me who is following 30 TV series and  most of them are on going knows how difficult it is to manage and remember when each episode of a series is going to come. And one never wants to miss the episode on the day it comes and then end up feeling bad after reading some Spoiler Alert posts about the series.

What this app does.
You enter a show, suppose ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in your series list. And once its added, the app will download all the information about the series. Like number of seasons, each episode original air date, and a brief about each episode. You can mark the episodes and seasons you have watched. You can mark a whole season as seen or even a whole series or go by each episode. If you have seen all the episodes till date, it will show you the air date for the next one. You can also set a reminder for the next episode. The app can also add it to your Google calendar which reminds you of the episode by mail also.

Moreover it offers information about who has Guest Starred in each episode and the Directors and the Writers of the episode. It allows you to watch the episode on Google Play or Amazon, if available, and shows ratings from IMDb, TVDb and trakt. The app also allows you to leave comments on each episode.

It has the ability to categorize shows based on Unseen/Upcoming and you can also choose your favorites out of them. You can also make your own lists and add shows to it or see recent activity. You can also check-in to a particular episode. It allows you to search for a episode if you are looking to find one.

The app also has a section for Movies. Where you can check-in or read about it on IMDb or watch its trailer. The Movies database is based from

It gets fun in the Statistics. Where it shows you the total number of shows you’re watching and how many of them are not finished. It also displays the total number of episodes in all the shows you have added and the number of episodes that you have seen. But the best part is, it calculates the number of days, hours and minutes you have wasted watching TV series on your television or your PC.

For users with Android verison 4.2+, it offers DashClock extension for the DashClock Widget.

The app is free but also offers a paid version called SeriesGudie X which includes some extra features like list widget option and notifications. And you also help the developer by supporting his app.

Play Store has an app rating of 4.5/5 for this app and I’m sure the .5 its missing is due to people not being able to use it to the fullest.

I will conclude this review here and I’ll be back with more and more frequently.
Thanks J.

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